Monday, 19 December 2016

Be nice to me, 2017

2016 has been a wild ride for a few reasons. I did a lot of things I said I would never do. I tried. You see, 'failing' is irrelevant. I realised life is a bitch and came to terms with the idea of 'letting go'. Now, I live my life peacefully. I had a break-up in January; had a plastic surgery on my foot following an accident in February -- Switched jobs in July -- lost friends eventually. But everything is for good.

Thought I could quickly write down what all I learnt in the mean time...

1. Family is important any day, and you can trust only them.
2. When you are taking 'important' decisions in your life, don't consult many. The more you talk to, the more confused you end up be. Listen to yourself. Trust your capabilities and gut-feeling.
3. Darling, not every battle is worth-winning. Some are not even worth-fighting for. Never get into anything half-assed.
4. Prioritise what you really want in life. Health is primary; job is secondary.
5. You aren't right about people all the time. The first impressions aren’t everything.
6. People will disappoint. They backbite. Life is tough. You gotta move on.
7. Learn to say 'NO'. Life becomes better.
8. You are responsible for your happiness. We all deserve to be happy.
9. Never hesitate to remove toxic people from your life.
10. When people tell you that they are too busy to see you, they really mean it. Go by their actions, not words.
11. Save money. Learn to be selfish. That's okay!
12. It's necessary to be independent. Like Socrates said, "Find yourself, think for yourself."
13. Whatever happens, life goes on.
14. Life doesn't go by your plans. Everything is temporary. We may end up choosing wrong careers, wrong partners. That's absolutely fine. Don't make excuses for people and things that want to leave.
15. Be patient. Good things happen to those who wait. We can't control time.
16. We ought to face our fears. Running away doesn't help.
17. No matter what happens, don't sulk. Get-up, dress-up, and show-up.
18. Never compromise on your sleep for someone.
19. Not everyone is who they say they are.
20. Respect yourself.

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