Saturday, 12 August 2017

Rise above hate

The idea of losing a 'friend' is always difficult to discuss, write or think about. It’s scary how easy it can happen. I feel numb when I think of all the people who once meant some thing or the other to me but now mean nothing. People are difficult to understand. You start making 'friends' with someone because you feel lonely or you don't like to sleep alone. What it really boils down to in my mind is selfishness. You become self-obsessed monsters and don’t care about anybody. You simply use others. A friend can't put your boyfriend's dick in her mouth. It's not okay. Do you get what I am saying?

Life is tough. We spend much of our time trying to keep ourselves afloat. I don't understand where's the time to play games of in-betweens? These 'friends' are never wrong. They think they know everything. They frequently question you about things, try to stump you or prove you are wrong. If that's a failure, they rudely express their opinion and insist they're right even if they're wrong.

They judge easily about somebody they don’t really know. What I've learned is that people try to bring you down constantly and destroy you. That’s the thing about life – you just have to deal with it. Let them 'unfriend', 'unfollow', 'block' you on social networking sites. You just disconnect yourself from their lives. It’s hard to come to terms with the reality. But soon you'll get there.

Forget those who bitched about you. Forget those who avoided you. Forget those who hurt you. Ideally, you shouldn't think about people who bring you nothing but toxic. Forget those who only want to be with you whenever they feel like it. You don't need to know how they are. If they emotionally exhaust you, keep them away. It's okay.

Toxic people are similar to emotional vampires whose only focus is them, their lives, their wants, and needs. They enjoy your presence only when they're in a good mood. At the end of the day, you don’t need their lies and phony loyalties.

Otherwise, when you have an emergency, they are nowhere to be found. To them, you simply don't exist. Life is way too short to waste our energy on toxic people. They can be 'friends', 'fuck buddies', or 'partners'. It doesn't matter! Make yourself mentally and emotionally stronger. Just give yourself time. And, most importantly, give yourself the biggest compliment because you made it. You made the decision of moving on; without them.